Nyammed Sherab Gyaltsen

Nyammed Sherab Gyaltsen

In 1405 the great Bonpo teacher, Nyammed Sherab Gyaltsen (mNyam-med Shes-rab rGyal-mtshan, 1356–1415), founded Menri (sMan-ri) monastery near the site of Yeru Wensakha, which had been destroyed by flood. Yungdrung Ling (g.Yung-drung gling) monastery was founded in 1834 and, soon afterwards, Kharna (mKhar-sna) monastery, both in the vicinity of Menri.

These remained the most important Bon monasteries until the Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1959, and following their inspiration many monasteries were established throughout Tibet, especially in Khyungpo, Kham, Amdo, Gyelrong and Hor, so that by the start of the 20th century there were 330 Bonpo monasteries in Tibet.

Nyammed Sherab Gyaltsen was especially venerated for his great achievements and realization. He was known as a great reformer and reinvigorated the Bonpo monastic tradition, causing many monasteries to flourish. Nyenme Sherab Gyaltsen also was the first master to collect and hold all the transmissions and empowerments of all the Bon lineages. All of these transmissions have continued to be held by each of the successive abbots of Menri, and over time the abbot of Menri came to be regarded as the head of the Bon religion. This tradition was officially recognized by the Tibetan government in exile in 1977.

Source: Yungdrung Bon

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