Om Mani Padme Hum

I thank the Inexpressible And Inseparable!

Giving life to a site I present it with the Root Lama and I devote it to Master of Dzogchen Right Worthy Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, my eyes stores clearness of its soul, my crown remembers warm its hands. Thank You very much Rinpoche for the continuous raging stream of your acts and the invariable Pacific Ocean of your Look!

Giving life to a site I present it with the Idam — the Unconquerable Protector Pawo Dorje — and with all of my protectors and guardians.

Giving life to a site I present it with the Dakini — the Guiding Star, who gives Imperishable Wisdom-Strength — with all patronesses-dakini and my wife Tatyana who is my goddess and companion, my teacher and the first disciple.

I present this project with all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all dimensions and directions, I thank them for this site what it is also what it will be, for kind and responsive beings meeting on the way of creativity.

I express gratitude to all teachers of my lineages, all that who has kept a true in the East and that who has opened the Dharma to the West.

I express gratitude to Protectors and Guardian of Dzogchen, Bon and Reiki and also I thank my personal companions, protectors and guardians of my family.

I express gratitude to all philanthropists which have helped, help and still will respond to help with any form to Bon Children`s Home by means of a pray, a kind word and business, money, clothes, anyone in another ways.

I express gratitude to Sergey Grabun and Nikolay Akhmerov which have organized my first meeting with Rinpoche on July, 8 1999 and also I thank my friend Eugeny Dubrovsky which helps me to clear up various questions of philosophy and practice, I immensely value friendship with this person.

I thank our maecenas — Andrey Malakhveitchouk, Sergei Belyakov and the enterprise “CarryCom” (director is Zborovsky Nikolay Vladimirovich) — for the help to our project and the kind attitude.

I thank for the given materials sites “The Bon Religion”, Bon Children`s Home”, “Aid to Bon Children, “Yungdrung Bon, “The Bon Foundation”, “Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Arts”, “Ligmincha Institute”, “Tibetan Tradition Bon in Russia”, “Polska Garuda” and “Barracuda”.

And thanks those who not mentioned above, as usual, even because you have read up page up to the end.

I thank!

Pawo Dorje, Bon child

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