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Help for children of tibetan refugeis

The children of the Bon Children`s Home
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The Bon Children's Home and The Bon Children's Welfare Center are located in Dolanji, Himachal Pradesh, India. These organizations are dedicated to educating and caring for Bon children whose families are in exile. Many children have been orphaned, or their families are too poor to care for them. All are here to receive an education that includes learning about their Bon-heritage.

The children of the school in Dolanji in their blue and white school uniforms
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These organizations are in need of sponsors so that each Bon child will receive food, shelter, and a good education. There is the donation-program. A sponsor can provide a Bon child with the necessities of life for only $30 per month. This will be of enormous benefit to the future of the child, the family, and all the Bon people.

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