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bla-ma Nyi-ma Dag-pa rin-po-che dang yi-dam dPa`-bo rDo-rje dang mkha`-`gro-ma lha dang nga`i skyabs thams-cad-la mchod-pa bul / na-mo na-mo na-mo bso *

na-mo bla-ma rin-po-che
na-mo yi-dam rin-po-che
na-mo mkha`-`gro rin-po-che
na-mo na-mo na-mo chen **

ston-pa Nyi-ma Dag-pa nang
dPa`-bo rDo-rje mngon-sum snang
lha-mo nor mtha`-yas-pa stsol
sems-can thams-cad-la rdzogs mtshon ***

Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. Photo by

My Lama which is more important
than buddhas and heavenly deities!
The saints` abode is far,
but you are not farther than heart.

Sacred Spirit of my universe
Going Outside of the Worlds,
break a jug of illusions!
It is filled with emptiness.

Goddess sliding on the Sky
in Clearness!
Show your face, present the love,
riches of knowledge and the force.

Through the Pure Sun`s
Hearty Gift
let creatures of six worlds
will comprehend
the Freedom`s Heritage!

Namo! Namo! Namo!


* To Right Worthy Lha-tri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, to the unconquerable protector Pawo Dorje, to divine female-guardian of the true and all who is my Refuge, I devote this site for the greater glory of All Mantra`s Origin who is essence of an all Buddha`s manifestations.

** I respect Root Lama and accept the Refuge in him.
I respect deity-Idam and accept the Refuge in him.
I respect precious Dakini and accept the Refuge in her.
I incline respectfully theirs, as many my bodies inclines as there are stars in the Universe, as many as there are grains on the Earth!

*** Master Nyima Dakpa is in my Heart like the pure Sun and immaculate Truth.
Unconquerable idam, divine guardian, protector and hero Pawo Dorje beams directly here and now.
Heavenly Goddess endows with an innumerable treasure.
Perfection of all beings without exception becomes apparent!

Pawo Dorje, Bon child
Shen Chen Ling in Minsk

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